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A new search engine comes into play: Blekko!


After three long years and a $25 million investment, a new search engine that claims to make its way through spam sites and unwanted results has risen, and its name is Blekko. Blekko comes into play with a new approach, the “slash tags search” one. But what are those slash tags anyway?

Instead of searching in a wide spectrum of interest for a term, slash tags allow people to search for a term only in a specific area thus this feature making Blekko a vertical search engine. While it’s always easier with examples, let’s take one: George Bush /humor will only reveal results on George Bush but only from websites that are related to humor. As well for apples recipes – apple /recipes.

Blekko’s CEO Rick Skrenta says a slash tags search engine is a must while the Internet is becoming a place for spam and low-quality sites but with this new technology we can separate the websites that deserve a look from the polluted ones.

Blekko was tested for three months on 8,000 volunteers and for now it contains over 3,000 slash tags for people to use. Another great feature is that any registered user can suggest a new slash tag that they consider is relevant. Although Blekko tries to become one of the most trusted search engines on the Internet, it does not take too long for spammers to find a way of getting into the “trusted circle”, so people say.

However Rick Skrenta is in this field for a long time, while his team created the Open Directory and maintained it with the help of over 88,000 volunteer editors, and it seems the answer for the above problem could be the same – crowd sourcing. Basically, all that a search engine/directory needs to keep its yard clean, is a team of dedicated users known as moderators that can separate the spam results from the good ones. Therefore, a search engine helped by human editors could be the answer to all the spam that fills the Internet nowadays.

The web designers from WebCreationUK are keeping an eye on this story while this could mean only two things: A. a new search engine that will grow fast in popularity and overcome the other major ones or B. another dead Cuil.